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    Salt Water Disposals

    Project Value: $70k per site (average)
    Owner: Anadarko Petroleum Company
    Project Duration: 2016 – Present
    Statistics: HOURS 10,000 / TRIR 0.00

    PLC Construction, Inc. was a contractor for I&E engineering, programming, and commissioning services for dozens of Salt Water Disposal (SWDs) sites across West Texas. PLC Construction partnered with APC to provide a cost-effective design that could be easily replicated throughout West Texas. Each SWD had the capability of injecting over 30k BPD of produced water from upstream production facilities. Over the life of the design PLC was able to reduce construction cost with the addition of wireless instrumentation. With the reduced cable/conduit installation costs and time, APC was able to build the SWDs faster and cheaper.

    The SWDs are capable of:

    • 15,000 BPD injection pumps (2 per site)
    • Over 75% wireless instrumentation
    • 8,000 barrels of on-site storage

    PLC has completed I&E engineering, design, programming and commissioned over 24 SWDs for APC in West Texas since 2016. PLC is currently contracted to perform engineering, programming and commissioning for 7 additional SWDs in West Texas in 2019.