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    From our first project in 1993 to our current projects today, the construction department at PLC Construction, Inc. has used one specific methodology to provide top-quality services to our clients: A hands-on approach to make sure every project – small or large – is successful.

    We believe a successful project is much more than simply its completion or ensuring it met the projected profit margin. To our construction management team, success means projects are completed on schedule; the install is of superb quality; and that every person in our workforce goes home each day without injury.

    After adopting this “hands-on” approach in 1993, we now have a 24-year track record of success – the biggest measure of success being repeat business. In addition to serving numerous returning clients, we are proud to say we’re still working for our very first client who to allowed us the opportunity provide our construction services over two decades ago.

    In 1993, PLC Construction, Inc. began as an Instrument and Electrical contractor. We worked as both a subcontractor to general contractors as well as directly for several clients. Over the years, we have grown to be one of the leading EPC companies in the oil and gas industry. Our services now include all disciplines to provide turnkey solutions from concept to startup. We are licensed to perform installation services in eight Midwestern and Southern U.S. states, and we also provide engineering and construction management services internationally.

    During our 24 years of business, we have performed construction on a multitude of different projects that met each of our clients’ unique needs and effectively delivered solutions to their challenges.

    New facility construction is by far the biggest portion of our construction services. Our largest projects include building Cryogenic Gas Plants from the utility service to the gas outlet; compressor stations; tank batteries; meter sites; dew point facilities; custody transfer or LACT sites; and saltwater disposal sites.

    Additionally, we handle many types of small construction installs, including wellhead piping and controls; pipelines from the well to the first treating facility; pipeline launcher and receivers for pipeline pigs; analyzers; power generation; and small meter stations.

    Since construction occupies the bulk of our work, we also offer other services such as maintenance teams to support operational facilities; technicians to perform required calibrations of critical instrument devices; and crews to troubleshoot instrument and electrical systems that hinder operations.

    The following list details other types of construction projects that PLC Construction, Inc. can deliver to our clients:

    Upgrading the controls and instrumentation systems of existing facilities

    Assess, design, engineer, and procure both PLC- and DCS-based control systems to manage the process of any type of facility.

    Plant relocation

    Document the existing facility, demo all existing facilities, load all equipment, handle transportation, and provide a turnkey installation of the relocated facility.

    Plant burnouts

    Assess the damage caused by the fire or explosion, make suggestions on the best and most cost-effective repair method, perform all demo required, and rebuild facility.

    Commissioning Service

    Provide qualified craftsmen to review and check systems for proper installation. Perform loop check of all devices and systems, as well as offer startup assistance to get the facilities back online.

    Communications and SCADA installations

    Perform installation of towers and communication equipment and systems, which enable high-quality surveillance of clients’ fields and facilities.

    PLC Construction has the best team of experienced and dedicated management professionals assembled in this business today.

    Our 24-year project portfolio is so varied and comprehensive that we would be hard-pressed to find a type of construction project that we haven’t already done. In other words, we can pretty much guarantee we have the experience to successfully undertake your construction project – no matter the size or scope. PLC Construction, Inc. has the best team of experienced and dedicated management professionals assembled in this business today.

    We look forward to the opportunity to put our team to work for you.