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    PLC Construction, Inc. develops distinguished engineering drawings, built on experience and safety, to meet each of our clients’ specific and varied needs. Our accomplished engineering team can rise to even the toughest challenges due to their decades of experience in the electrical, civil, structural, mechanical, pipeline, and process engineering fields.

    In 2014, PLC Construction expanded our engineering capabilities to offer our clients a full turnkey – or “cradle to grave” – experience, should they choose that. Our multi-discipline engineering team covers all engineering services, which reduces or eliminates the need for various subcontractors. This holistic process provides transparency, singular accountability, and a thorough dedication to delivering solutions to all challenges.

    Since PLC Construction began as an Instrument & Electrical contractor, we pride ourselves on our superior knowledge of electrical processes. Our Electrical Engineers have worked on virtually every type of electrical project there is; dozens of returning clients count on us time and again to deliver solutions that are a cut above the rest.

    Our Civil/Structural Engineers lead the oil and gas industry in innovative design and detailed materials selection and inspection. PLC Construction’s foundation designs, structural modification designs, cut and fill plans, pipe support designs, site development and drainage plans, and retrofits and expansions have laid the groundwork for our clients’ incredible success.

    PLC Construction employs only the most capable, experienced Engineers; doing so assures our clients that we are the single EPC they can trust to handle their project, large or small.

    PLC Construction’s Mechanical Engineers have experience with some of the most demanding projects in the oil and gas industry. They have the vision and drive to design and install high-end equipment and oversee complex projects. In particular, our extensive front-end engineering design (FEED) studies ensure every project is safe, cost-effective, and addresses all of the client’s objectives before getting started. Our capabilities include piping and valve specifications, pipe stress analysis, refinery/plant additions and upgrades, hydraulic analysis, and much more.

    Outstanding pipeline design, construction, and management is absolutely crucial to the success of all oil and gas facilities. That is why PLC Construction employs only the most capable, experienced Pipeline Engineers; doing so assures our clients that we are the single EPC they can trust to handle their project, large or small. In addition to pipeline design, some of the specific tasks our Pipeline Engineers handle are alignment sheets review and approval, ROW acquisition support, hydrostatic pipeline test plans, pipeline routing, and construction management.

    PLC Construction’s Process Engineers work diligently with our clients to solve their problems through PFD and P&ID development, equipment and instrument specification, and hydraulic system calculations. Our process engineering services include general engineering analysis, pressure drop/velocity calculations, process simulations, hazard analysis, pipeline hydraulic analysis, control valve and relief valve sizing, line sizing, and P&ID/PFD production.

    Lastly, effective Project Management is at the heart of each and every project that PLC Construction undertakes. We understand that our internal harmonization is vital to a project’s success. Our experts operate as one unified team throughout each project phase – from approval, to design and construction, all the way up to commissioning/start-up. The attention to detail in each of these actions is evident not only through the tangible end result, but also in our meticulous project tracking and reporting along the way.


    We provide our clients with:


    • PFD/P&IDs
    • Process Modeling
    • Piping and Valve Specifications
    • Equipment Selection and Vetting
    • Location Plans
    • 3D Modeling
    • Flare Studies and Modeling
    • Arc Flash Analysis & Coordination Studies
    • Detailed Construction Packages
    • Equipment and Instrumentation Data Sheets
    • Assets Integrity and Reliability Plans
    • PSM Documentation