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    Sendero Midstream – SCADA

    Project Value: $250K
    Owner: Sendero Midstream
    Project Duration: 3 Months
    Statistics: HOURS 1,000/TRIR 0.00

    PLC Construction, Inc. was contracted to design, handle procurement, configuration, commissioning and hosting services for Sendero’s Enterprise SCADA System in Carlsbad New Mexico. PLC’s original scope was designing and implementing a fully redundant SCADA system with a dedicated database server that would be housed at Sendero’s office. The system used a redundant Ignition platform with Dell rack-mounted servers using Windows Server 2016 OS and MySQL as the database software. In the end, Sendero opted to have the servers hosted by PLC. This service includes maintaining the servers, a remote VPN tunnel to field devices, secure access for Sendero designated personnel, and providing greater than 99% reliability.

    After the initial build-out of the SCADA system, PLC was tasked to continue supporting the system while new facilities come online. Due to the efficiencies in the SCADA architecture, the time and cost of adding new facilities has decreased 70% from the original cost to implement on a per site basis.

    With the current setup, Sendero can monitor all their field locations in addition to having the ability to control necessary and vital aspects of their field. Our team continues to support this project in both a consulting and integration scope to ensure Sendero continues to have a state of the art, and reliable SCADA system.