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    Sendero Midstream

    Project Value: $28.5 million
    Owner: Sendero Midstream
    Project Duration: 18 Months
    Statistics: HOURS 64,000/ TRIR 0.00

    PLC Construction, Inc. was contracted as engineering support for Sendero’s gas plant, multiple metering sites, compression facilities and gathering pipelines in Carlsbad/Loving NM area starting in early 2017. After coming on board, PLC was quickly asked to take over additional aspects of the project eventually leading us to be the EPC for Sendero. Our client recognized PLCs unique market situation of having the most competent experts on staff, coupled with our ability to work under strict and aggressive timelines; all while still coming up with cost reducing measures of a standardized package.

    Our engineering team created PFDs, P&IDs and 3D modeling for Sendero. We also provided the full mechanical, civil and I&E packages. The construction team focused on standardizing methods and products in such a way that also provided time and cost saving measures. PLC Construction oversaw 3rd party coordination & scheduling, performed Loop checks/C&E checks, Packing/Purging, start-up activities, measurement services, and SCADA integration services along with the I&E installation of equipment at the 6-40MMSCFD compressor station sites and metering sites. Our commissioning team worked diligently on all the electrical and mechanical packages, to bring the compressor stations on line with no incidents, allowing for a seamless start up.

    The concept process modeling and development, right-of-way routing review, survey and construction oversite, down to the engineering job data books all lead to a streamlined and standardized product. All the above further improved the schedule, and planning for future expansions and greater profits for Sendero Midstream.