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    Denbury Conroe Compressor Station

    Denbury Conroe Compressor Station

    Project Value: $900K
    Owner: Denbury Resources Inc
    Project Duration: Oct 2016 – July 2017
    Statistics: HOURS 8,200 / TRIR 0.00

    PLC Construction, Inc. was contracted by Denbury to add compression to the existing site in Conroe, TX. Denbury wished for the new compressor station to be installed in the area where an old compressor station existed. This in turn created a significant amount of challenges but nothing PLC could not handle. By mobilizing our crews to work in the field with construction we overcame any obstacles as they were discovered, absolving them quickly and cost effectively for our client.

    The compressor station is capable

    • Compression for 28 MMSCFD from 40 psig to 900 psig
    • Dehydration via TEG of 28 MMSCFD to 4 lbs/MMSCF moisture content
    • Hydrocarbon dew pointing 5 MMSCFD (10 Maximum) to less than 0.2 gallon per MSCF

    PLC completed the engineering, design, programming, and commissioning services for Denbury Compressor Station as requested. We also delivered everything from processing modeling to complete fabrication drawings for all disciplines. PLC’s capability of simultaneously working with engineering and construction allowed for a project with an extremely aggressive schedule to be completed successfully.